The video shows driver Craig Arden co-ordinating with the starter and Dennis Piranio. The car is then pushed for about 400 feet, at this point the car pulls away from the push truck and begins spinning the rear tires to the 3/4 mile markers where it finally hooks up and accelerates to a 117+ mph average between the 1 & 2 mile markers.He then ends the speed run and brakes the car to about 30 MPH at the right turn out. The run ends as at race car stops at the return road.

Car Facts

Our car is a Blown Vintage Fuel Altered Coupe, 1929 Model A Ford. The car was built entirely in our shop in Denton,Texas by Dennis & Beth Piranio and Craig Arden. The car features a Funny car style roll cage, custom aluminum interior, Quick change rear axle assembly & a Model A Ford engine built by Piranio's Antique Automotive that delivers 299 horsepower @ 4000 RPM on a 10% Nitro Methane-Methanol Alcohol fuel mixture. We averaged 117.078 on our two record runs. This makes us the fastest 4 cylinder flathead Model A Ford powered Model A Ford Coupe to ever run at Bonneville!

The car features a hand formed aluminum interior & a custom billet aluminum gauge holder to create a Model A feel to the dash.

The rules in the Vintage Altered Class require the original frame. For safety we constructed a Funny Car style chasis inside of the original frame and adapted a Top Fuel bellhousing to enclose the custom aluminum flywheel & clutch assembly.

Our 2016 version Model A Ford engine runs on Nitro Methane & Methanol Alcohol and produces 299 horsepower at 4000 rpm!